People meet by chance in our lives, but not random

In Altevie members and staff are perfectly integrated in a young and compact work team; over the years, several professionals with different profiles have joined the founding members.

Organized according to a rational division of competences, Altevie operates, therefore, in the various areas of specialization in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards, while since 2013 it has adopted its own internal site engineering manual built on the basis of models established in the USA, used in works management practices.

External employees in highly specialized fields, with whom there are consolidated and long-term partnership relationships, are added to a group of employees who mainly operate in the L’Aquila headquarters and in its branches.

  • Angelo Spaziani, geologist and expert in geophysical and geotenic surveys;
  • Sandro Gianvincenzo, surveyor and expert in land registry and topographic surveys, specialized in monitoring quarries with computation of extracted material and 3d modeling
  • Simone Pampirio, collaborator for management and data protection systems
  • Massimo Cretarola – Pitagora IT Services, head of IT infrastructure, software, network, cloud, computerized archives.