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Altevie is a company specialising in mountain, cableway and environmental engineering, that work in Italy and abroad. Its vocation is that of engineering activities aimed at building high altitude structures. The relationship between man and environment in the mountain environment is perhaps more decisive than in other contexts. Consequently, the philosophy that inspires our interventions urges us to try to alter the natural context as little as possible, through the study of solutions with little impact, as well as to carefully analyze the landscape “built” in relation to its needs and those of the client and users of the work. For these reasons, over the years, both in the public and private sectors, we have considered the importance of studying the nature and history of the places of intervention, proposing the use of materials and forms respectful of the territory, seeking simple yet innovative solutions, compatible with the context in which they fit.


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Hard engineering

Extreme Mountain Engineering

Altevie’s decades of experience in the mountain environment has led us over the years to intervene in borderline situations, resulting from the combination, often detected, of hostile climatic conditions in environments with complex orography. The reduced times for the delivery of the works, the need to maximize the effectiveness of the interventions of special vehicles, have guided us to refine and optimize the actions in each of our sites. The experience gained in the work in National Parks and other protected areas, in compliance with regulations and directives, in the constant search to reduce the impact of works and construction sites, has allowed us to build an important know-how in the specific sector. The installation of active and passive avalanche defense interventions on steep slopes, the laying of nets and ropeway supports with helicopters or snow vehicles, are just some examples of the works in which our staff is constantly engaged. EXTREME MOUNTAIN ENGINEERING was born from this experience a collaborative project open to companies working in the mountain and engineering field, who are interested in sharing and testing with us materials, equipment and operating methods, to be used in complex intervention conditions, in order to draw up intervention manuals, optimize existing products on the market, establish and disseminate good practices to be applied in mountain engineering.


Eggs Group

Since 2020 Altevie is part of EGGS Engineering Solution, a stable network of companies and engineering professionals, highly accomplished in complementary fields.

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Addresses: L'Aquila (AQ), Viale Crispi 19/b, 67100 - Ussita (MC), Via dell’Acquatina 6, 62039 - Civitanova Marche (MC), Via Zavatti 3, 62012

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The offices are open from Monday to Friday from 8h00 a.m. to 5h30 p.m., phone: +39 0862451184 - +39 07331712653 - +39073399622